The Things You Didn't Know About Bagoong Alamang And It's Health Benefits

Your manggang hilaw is not complete if not paired with bagoong. Fish or shrimp paste or known as Bagoong is a traditional condiment in some filipino food, it can be compared to kimchi of Koreans as side dish.

It's made from fermented shrimp or fish in salt. While the dish provides you with the same nutrients from the fish, it is also high in salt. The fermentation process of Bagoong also needs patis or fish sauce. It has a distinct smell and taste but it is no available in spicy, sweet and sour brands.

Bagoong is an important ingredients in sime traditional dishes of filipinos such as pinakbet and kare-kare. It is really an icon in the philippines .

Bagoong  contains a high level of an essential fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid which has beneficial effects on animal and human health.

This is according to the study conducted by Dr. Nemesio MonaƱo of the Marine Science Institute (MSI) in Up Diliman and Dr. Victor Gavino of the Department of Nutrition, University of Montreal in Canada.

The researchers assessed the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in six types of shrimp and fish paste condiments namely: dalagang bukid, dilis, padas-1, padas-2, terong, and alamangin the Philippines. The samples’ water, salt (NaCl), ash and fat content were analyzed through some chemical processes in order to determine which of these samples contain the highest proportion of polyunsaturated acid.

Significant results of the study revealed that among the six fish and shrimp paste condiments analyzed, bagoong alamang represents the highest source of DHA. The DHA is a fatty acid essential for neural development in infant during its first few years. The acid components also perform a vital function in brain and retinal development. Surprisingly, it also plays an important role in preventing stroke, heart disease, arthritis, and non-dependency on insulin for diabetic persons. This fact may be attributed to the presence of essential water-binding solutes such as proteins, peptides and carbohydrates. The presence of these water-binding solutes lowers the water activity, thus limiting the growth of microbes. This is the principle why fish and shrimp condiments have long shelf-life even when refrigeration is not uniformly available and where ambient temperature is tropical. In general, all the fish and shrimp condiments analyzed contained polyunsaturated acids at measurable amounts or proportions.

Bagoong is considered as indigenous food or the natures medicinal food that has many healing properties that cannot be found in processed food. However, there are still bad in good foods. So consuming bagoong should be in caution for it can cause such as Hypertension, Heart disease, Kidney disease and stroke.

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