"Money Plant" That Attracts Fortune Into Your Home

You have been working really hard, but somehow wealth has been evading you. You feel frustrated about not being able to save up enough despite the hours you put in everyday.

Those grand holiday plans keep getting postponed month on month because there still isn’t enough money in the bank to fund the trip.

Don’t be disappointed by lack of money every time you need it. Did you know that plants are a wonderful way to administer positive vibes and wealth at home?

This plant is believed to bring in more money and there will never be a money-related low ever in your life. It is known as “Money plant” or the Jade plant is considered very promising. The Jade plant is a good luck symbol for money.

Many Chinese restaurants and places of business have a jade plant close by the door. It is supposed to attract happy customers who happily increase the business.

The source of this story is from a Taiwanese legend. That there was a farmer who really suffer from the difficulty of life that the only thing he has is his small land which he put all of his efforts in it, but unfortunately he never succeeds.

Until one day, he noticed a small and rare plant beside his fields. He believed that this is the plant sent from God as answers to his prayers to help him get rich and wealthy. And so, he take good care of the plant and as the day passed by, he became curious and decided to do some research of this extraordinary plant that he has. And because of that the Jade plant later on named as the "Good luck Money Tree".

Later, he discovered that the plant is flexible and doesn't require lot of attention in taking care of it. It can defy any certain wather condition even dryness and low light.

With his knowledge with this plant, he reproduce the plant sed and sold it to the market. The farmer was shocked and couldnt believe that the plant was gone within seconds.

Feng shui tips to make Jade Plant be more effective and effecient:

*You wnat to welcome the money in your home so it isspecial if you put the plant by your entrace door.
*Put the plant in the southeast corner of your home this will help energize your luck
*Set it east for health benfits, study pursuits and close family ties.
*Place the plant southeast for abundant flow of money
*Jade plant is recommended to be placed in the dining area, office and living room
* The plant is prohibited to be placed in the bathroom and bedroom for it will reverses the eefcts and brings unfortunate luck.

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