Hygiene Tips Ladies: Stop doing This With Your Private Area

We should understand how important it is for one's health to maintain proper care and hygiene of the intimate areas.

The intimate area is more sensitive to infections because of different reasons. These include the skin around this area being more delicate. Constant soiling due to passage of urine and stools.

Sexual infections can happen through infected partners. Use of unhygienic toilets can lead to skin infections. Hence this area needs specific care and attention.

Depending on your age, you might be thinking you've got a pretty good handle on the care and upkeep of private area. Keep it clean, make sure it doesn't smell, the usual.

Despite the various products in the market which claim they can improve health and prevent foul odor, women should do more research on proper care and hygiene of the body.

The only way to prevent for bacteria, is to take adequate care of your intimate area. How?

Down below are a few things you need to stop doing in order to maintain proper health of your intimate part:

1. Mating: this is method which is practiced in pose sitting on a chair due smoking a bowl of tea from wormwood combined with other herbs.

This presents Chinese method, and it will provide the steam to entire body.

It will cleanse you, together with the intimate parts and will protect you from infections.

2. Rinse: Most of the women population use gels for the intimate zone.

They are filled with chemicals which will have harmful influence on you.

You need to clean only the surface of the vagina. do not forget the rule to always wipe from front to back when you use the toilet and to clean your intimate area using only hot water when you take a shower.

3. Fragrant soaps and detergents: Soaps present common reason of irritation.

They are made from chemicals which are irritating the genital area.

You need to use only hot water while taking shower.

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