Health Advantages Of Banana Leaves You Haven't Know Yet

Bananas can be enjoyed with a sweet taste. Even his skin have properties, nor the leaves. Banana leaves fresh and green are very beneficial for the body.

Banana leaves contain natural ingredients which works to maintain healthy skin.

Banana leaves are used for cooking, decoration but also as a serving tray, throughout South-East Asia where food is directly served on the banana leaf due to its, hygienic, antioxidant and healthy properties.

They are considered a much better option than the manufactured plates.

Why Are Banana Leaves Healthy?

Banana leaves are rich in polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate, a plant-based compound which is a potent antioxidant. This antioxidant is the main active component of the green tea leaves.

A lot of people use cheap or Styrofoam plates when they want throw-away plates, however banana leaves are a more eco-friendly option. They decompose in an exceedingly small amount of time, unlike plastic material, which takes more than 100 years to biodegrade.

Banana leaves do not need a whole lot of cleaning – they simply need to be rinsed with just a little water and they’re prepared to use. If you’re eating at a location where the health standards are doubtful, you are far better off eating from a banana leaf than from a dish that is not cleaned properly.

Since material plates are cleaned with normal water and cleaning soap, traces of the chemicals in the cleaning soap may still stick to the plates, contaminating your meal. Banana leaves simply need to be rinsed with just a little water, , nor have to be washed with cleaning soap, which means that your food will be chemical-free.

The banana leaf is quite large, rendering it capable of retaining an entire food that includes a number of different components. The leaves are also watertight, because of their waxy finish, to allow them to contain the gravy arrangements without getting soggy.

Below are a few of the benefits associated with banana leaves for your skin:
*Natural herbal selections can treat small skin area wounds and other skin area disorders such as dandruff, dermatitis, and sunburn.
*Fresh banana leaf drink will steadily recover from the main disturbance. You can even soak the leaves with cool water and apply on skin area sunburn.
*Banana leaves have therapeutic properties that can alleviate poisonous insect bites, bee stings, spider bites, rashes, epidermis irritability. The leaves are popularly known as an all natural eraser.
*Cosmetic products and creams contain substances are costly so-called Allantoin within seed leaves. Allantoin helps faster treating, kills bacteria and stimulates new pores and skin cell growth.

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