Faster Connections Hacks To Help You Speed Up 3 Times Stronger Internet

Slow internet connection is the universe's way of telling you to go play outside and could really be sociable person not only in the virtual world but also in the real world.

Other times, it's the universe's cruel joke to destroy your productivity. But even just for an hour, we know that no one can resist on going through our social medias.

In today’s generation, having an internet connection is a must. Wherever we go, having internet is important because it makes us connect with other people on different social medias and be on trend.

Whether you are at home or at work, having a fast and efficient Internet connection is a vital component of your daily life.

Slow speeds and weak connections can be frustrating and even costly. As more Internet-ready devices make their way into our homes and workplaces, keeping your web speed up is more important than ever.

Sometimes a simple reset can significantly increase your Internet speed, you can also turn your router on and off to see if that’s change anything. Just make sure that you know your log in information in case your computer requires you to use it after the reset. Honestly, sometimes it doesn't help.

But, you shouldn’t be worried, because in this article we are going to show you how to boost your internet speed connection – by 3 times faster. Just follow the simple instructions below.

First, you should know that you should place the router next to metal objects, refrigerators or microwaves. You should know that these objects could slow down and weaken the signal.

Second, you should place the router or the modem close to your laptop, cell phone or computer. And make sure you place your modem in a higher place – for example; 2-3 meters high.

Make sure it’s clean and it doesn’t have too much dust inside of it, because the dust, believe it or not, could make the connection slower. You should clean it at least 2 times a week.

You should also know that you shouldn’t place your modem or router where there are too many people. Believe it or not, the experts say that the Wi-Fi networks is much slower in places with plenty of water and we all know that the human body is 60% water, it can interfere with the signal.

And finally, you need to make sure that the micro filters are new, because if they’re old they could cause some problems. So, you should replace them at least 2 times a year.

Share it with your friends and family to let them in with these special secrets to have a fast internet connection they can enjoy as well.

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