Doctors Have To Cut Her Stomach Just Because She Eats This Everyday!

Sometimes we have bad habits that we may do subconsciously, like  you eat your hair sometimes, you may pluck one or two strands for no reason maybe out of stress or boredom, then you put it in your mouth and you chew it.

Which often leads to serious health condition called trichotillomania.

In Kyrgyzstan, a girl rushed to a hospital her name is Ayperi Alekseeva she was complaining about a severe stomach pains that caused her not eat or either drink any liquid, resulting in malnutrition.

In her xray conducted by her doctors, they found out that there was a huge ball of hair inside her stomach. 

And surgery is the only thing they can do to remove this, as advised by her surgeon Bahadir Bebezov.

Bebezov said that the 18-year-old girl had an unpleasant habit of picking up her hair from the carpet and eating it. Gross right! And she even chewing the tips of her hair as reported by Huffington Post.

The doctors also found out that the patients stomach was badly swollen from the hair that she swollen plus the pieces of swollen from the carpet. "It literally oozed out as soon as the wall of the stomach was cut," he said. Medical procedure was successful and the patient Alekseeva propmised that she will not eat her hair ever again after going to serious surgery because of her nasty habits.

Another Case of Hairball In The Stomach:

The story provided above is not the only case that was found that a girl has to undergo a surgery to remove hairball in her stomach. Sophie Cox, 23 years old girl also experience trichotillomania and doctors remove 14 pound of hairball that was accumulated from her stomach for over seven years of eating her hair, she told South West News Service.

Share this article to someone you knwo who eats their hair to warn them on what's going to happen if they will continue to do their bad habits. And this will results to serious problems and they might undergo surgery for this.

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