A Girl Almost Died Because Of Hair Dyes

Women dye their hair twice a month or sometimes more than that.

It cover grey hairs, restore color after a hair dressing procedure like bleaching or it's just an on trend hair dye changing colors.

Unfortunately, it causes dangerous effects in your body and a girl almost died because of hair dyes.

While colouring hair is fun, there are a lot of side effects that you need to be aware of. Anyone can experience an allergies in anything anytime.

Allergic reactions may be mild sometimes but in rare cases some can kill you.

For 3 years, she didn't dye her hair and after sometime she decided to give it a try by trying another new hair dye product from another company. So she dyed her hair and after that she started to feel that her face and eyes are swelling and in a short time she couldn't breathe or can't even speak.

After what happened, she decided not to dye her hair ever again. She went to the hospital to be treated. The doctors found out that she is allergic to Para Phenylene Diamine (PPD), which is a major content of most of the hair dye products in the market.

A study conducted by International Journal of Trichology, out of 263 people who used hair dyes, 96 percent rendered hair unsafe for lactating and pregnant women, 63 reported headaches and 38 percent experienced itching.

Excessive use of this chemical causes further damage to your hair leading to hair loss, weak hair and many more hair issues.

But if you cannot resist in dyeing your hair, their are natural hair dyes that does not destroy your hair but strengthen it.

Nowadays, the girl who got allegies from hair dyes opposes the sale of such dangerous products and gives effort to ban them out from the UK. She also recommends to all women who use, or plan to use these products, to stop using it and to stay natural as they are.

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