What Can Ear Wax Actually Tell About Your Health Status

In the case with most bodily fluids, earwax is rarely the topic of casual conversation. But the fact is, this sticky substance is actually very important for our bodies and can tell us a lot about our health.

It's kind of gross. But you can learn a lot about what's going on inside your body by paying attention to the stuff it produces.

The color and consistency of your pee, poop and saliva can signal potential health issues or reassure you that all's well.

The same is true of the stuff that oozes out of your ears, though experts say your earwax isn't as informative as a lot of people assume.

This sticky material inside our ear has high anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and it is up to your body to clean, hydrate and protect the ear canal. It does not allow any foreign material to enter your ear.

So, next time pay attention to your ear wax and this would warn you regarding certain ear health related issues. Here are few things that your ear wax can tell about your health.

1. Yellow, wet and sticky
This is actually the most common wax type for adults. The wet and sticky texture helps in keeping the ear canal from drying out and becoming itchy.

2. Grey
This color of the earwax may seem unusual, but if you notice it on your cotton swab, you don’t have to worry, as the grey is just the result of the ear’s natural cleaning process. But, when the wax is dry and brittle, and your ear is also itchy, it may be a sign of eczema. If you notice such symptoms, the best thing will be visiting your doctor.

3. Pale yellow
The pale yellow color is the most common color for kids. Children actually tend to produce more wax then adults, but as they become older, the production decreases gradually.

4. Sticky and dark
That earwax, which is darker than the usual one, indicates that our body is perspiring more than usual. The darker the color of the wax is there is a higher possibility that this extra sweat would lead to body odor. But, despite all that, it is still completely healthy.

5. Dark and thick
Two factors which can cause our bodies to produce more earwax are anxiety and stress. Another factor which can also lead to an increasing in earwax is heavy sweating, and it can block the ear canal, as well as cause temporary hearing impairment. When you notice that you have dark and thick earwax, you should start cleaning your ears regularly, in order to avoid any problems. It is also a good indication that you may want to find some ways of reducing the stress in your life.

6. Dry, white and flaky
This one is a perfectly normal, as well as healthy type of earwax. Those people that produce this kind of earwax most often have less body odor, than those that produce dark earwax.

7. Black or maybe dark brown
The earwax which is dark brown or even black can look a little bit scary. But, you should not worry about that at all, as the dark color may just be a result from an overproduction of wax (like what happens when we’re stressed). It can also mean that the wax has simply been in the ear for a longer period. When it actually gets removed, the increased contact with oxygen turns it a darker color.

8. Wet and runny
It is a normal thing when the earwax comes out of our ears from time to time, as it is just a part of the natural cleaning process of the ears. But, when the wax actually pours out of your ears in some large amounts, and it also contains a pus of blood, it is a real and sure sign of a perforated eardrum. In such cases, you should immediately seek medical attention.

9. Bloody wax
When the earwax is old, it can sometimes look like dried blood. When you notice such thing, you should get some medical attention, as it could mean that you have a
perforated eardrum.

As we can see, the earwax can come in different colors and all of them are actually completely healthy, even if they look like they aren’t. So, the next time when you will clean your ears, you should take a closer look at the dirty cotton swab. It might make you cringe, but it is actually a great way of identifying any problem, as well as deal with it before it gets worse and serious.

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