Save Your Life! Hairs In You Ear Is A Warning Sign For Your Health

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the ears are the windows to the heart.

According to some studies, the amount of hair you have in your ears might be an indicator of your future health, so much so that understanding how they relate to your health could potentially save your life!

Science says that ear canal hair, that dollhouse garden of black strands inside many an ear, is a common signpost for heart attacks.

Back in 1973, Dr. Sanders T. Frank and his team determined that a diagonal earlobe crease can indicate coronary artery disease.

Eleven years later, after a lot of tests, another team of scientists agreed with this theory.

A study was performed on 43 men and 20 women, 90% of the participants who had a diagonal earlobe crease and ear canal hair experienced cardiac failure.

215 patients of different communities were selected randomly to predict the correlation between the ear-lobe crease, ear-canal hair and coronary artery disease. On analysis, it was long-term exposure to androgen, the most important male hormone next to testosterone, that led to clot formation in the arteries as a result of excessive production of red blood cells.

In the words of the authors, “A significant difference was also observed between men with and without CAD in the presence of ear-canal hair with age matched group.” They also found that ear hair prevalence advanced with age.

Edston E also created a study published in the June 2006 version of the American Journal of Forensic Medical Pathology.

Edston studies more than 520 post-mortem examinations and measured the BMI, spleen weight, ear hair, and ear cartilage wrinkle, cause of death, baldness, thickness of stomach fat, and about 6 different qualities.

Edston found that ELC (ear cartilage wrinkle) was firmly corresponded with CAD in both men and women (P > 0.0001), but with sudden cardiac death (SCD) only in men (P < 0.04). This indicates that the younger the patient was, the higher the positive predictive value.

Ear hair isn't directly causing heart disease, but it may have some predictive ability.

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