Remove Lipomas Effectively Fast With Natural Home Remedy

If formations of fatty tissue form on our body, or lipomas, they are benign and not fatal but are not pleasant.

They are located between the skin and the muscle, move freely under the skin, and feel spongy or doughy. Lipomas are most commonly located on the neck, shoulders, abdomen, arms, thighs and back.

People who age from 40 to 60 is the most affected of lipomas.

Experts has no proven studies of it's causes. But doctors think it often occurs in inactive people but then this has not been proven yet.

Lipomas are harmless and painless and usually do not lead to cancer.

Lipoma doesn't need to be treated unless it bothers you. When they increase in size, they can become unsightly and apparent.

Doctor will recommend scheduling periodic checkups to note if the tumor is growing or changing in any other way.

In this article we give you a solution to your problem, and you do not have to worry about your lipomas.

What is more important, you do not have to worry about using heavy medications or any scalpels running over your skin. We provide you a natural way to remove lipomas.

Honey and Flour Remedy

1. Mix raw honey with some flour and apply the mixture directly on the lump. The thicknes of the application should be 1/2-1 cm in depth, so make sure the mix is fairly thick.

2. Cover the lump with a paper towel or bandage in keep the mixture in place.

3. Kepp the mixture for a day or for 36 hours, then remove and repeat.

4. Repeat method five times for seven days. This treatment will help fatty tissues to disappear.

Why does it work?

A mixture of honey and flour is effective folk remedy for external sores. Honey has anti-inflammatory effect and draws impurities, stimulates lymph flow and circulation.

Additional tips for fatty deposits

*Detoxification of the body is a base theraphy for lipoma
*Avoid food with additives and preservatives
*All kinds of natural spices okra, chickweed, papaya, pomegrante and turmeric can help decompose fat and eliinate toxins.
*Drink Lemon juice every morning, it stimulates the liver and detoxifies the body
*Omega 3 fatty acids help in dissolving and prevenying the growth of fat tissue, so better use this
*Eat more sprouts thus enriched with nutrients

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