Make Yourself Looking Young-Amazing Uses Of Baking Soda You Haven't Tried Yet

Looking for that one product to make your life easier in a way that there's no need to spend a lot of time and money going to a salon or having spa treatments just to have a glowing and younger skin.

There is one ingredient in nearly every kitchen cupboard that can do wonders for your skin and body.

It turns out that this multi-tasking kitchen staple can also be used as a cheap DIY alternative to many expensive  treatments.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a highly alkaline salt with dozens of uses. 

It has a slightly bitter, salty taste and is often used in baking for its ability to react with an acid to create carbon dioxide gas, which creates “fluffiness” in the finished recipe.

However, baking soda can also be used as a cosmetic and beauty product, which can effectively improve your beauty. Baking soda is one natural remedy with a long list of health benefits and an endless list of uses.

 Here are some great uses of baking soda:

1. Solution for bad breath – Baking soda is extremely effective in eliminating the bad breath. All you have to do is in a glass of water to put a teaspoon of baking soda and to gargle with the solution. This process should be repeated every other day.

2. Protect your nails – All you have to do here is to prepare a paste of 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water and to apply the prepared paste on your nails.

3. Baking soda can be natural exfoliator – You can keep your skin clean and healthy with adding baking soda in your facial routine.

4.You can use baking soda for your hair – Baking soda will make your hair healthy and clean with using baking soda as conditioner. Use it only once in a mouth because baking soda has high pH levels.

5. You can make your teeth white with the help of baking soda – You should use baking soda for whitening your teeth only once a week because if you do it every day it might end up damaging your enamel.

 6. It can make your skin soft – With making a mixture out of soap, baking soda and water you can solve the problem with dry feet and hands. Apply that mixture on the affected areas with massaging gently and after that with warm water rinse it off.

7. You can use baking soda to relieve body odor – All you have to do is to fill your bathtub with water and to add a little bit of baking soda and to soak into that water. Do this 1 to 2 times weekly.

8. Baking soda can be your solution for acne – All you have to do is to make a paste out of baking soda and water and to apply it on the affected areas.

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