Guava Leaves For Preventing And Smoothing Wrinkles

Worried about the wrinkles, acne, blemishes, allergies or dark spots on your face? Well, you don't need to get any chemical treatments to get rid of them.

Apart from the cosmetic procedures, we have numerous natural alternatives to choose and to enjoy their extremely beneficial effects for treatment of these skin conditions.

One of these alternatives is to use guava leaves. Guava leaves are such natural products that have proven their benefits in fighting skin issues.

They not only eliminate the causes of acne, but also soothe  the skin and reduce the occurrence of pimples.

Elimination of wrinkles
It is a proven fact that guava leaves are  more versatile  than the fruit. The  anti- cancer properties in the leaves can effectively fight  free radicals in the body.

The leaves are a strong anti-wrinkle  agent and very effective in improving the health of the skin.

Lighten dark spots
They can be used as a toner to get rid of  red and dark marks on the face. They  also destroy  microscopic organisms hence reducing irritation.

Method of treatment:
For treating atopic dermatitis, crush dried guava leaves  and add them to warm water.

This will  relieve  itching and reduce redness, making you comfortable.

For the others, take  some guava leaves, crush and add them to boiling water.   Boil them until the water turns brownish and looks thick.  Remove from fire and set aside to cool,

Using a cotton ball, apply the tonic  on the face.

Leave for around fifteen minutes and then rinse off  lukewarm water. To get the desired outcome, do this treatment twice a week.

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