Based on True Story: “30 Grade-school Students Died after Eating

Mothers are now aware of what to pack for a meal for their kids in school, they know that foods in cafeterias are not clean and safe and unhealthy.

Remember the story of food poisoning in 2005 in Bohol, Philippines, where in students from grade 2 to grade 3 suffers from stomach aches, dizziness and vomiting in which are all signs of food poisoning.

The students says, that they feel all the complications right after eating “maruya” or cassava cake during their recess.

Toxic experts blame cyanide for the incident that cause for the death of 30 students after eating the snack.

Cassava is widely know in tropical countries where the soil is moist and the cassava grows in moist soils. Cassava is the 3rd carbohydrate source in the tropics in which poor countries in tropics use this as a substitute of rice.

Cassava can be sweet and bitter, both contains toxins but bitter ones have higher toxin level. They contain two cyanogenic glucosides, linamarin and lotaustralin. A dose of 25mg of pure cassava is enough to kill a rat.

Excess cyanide residue from improper preparation is known to cause acute cyanide intoxication.

Symptoms of acute cyanide intoxication appear four or more hours after ingesting raw or poorly processed cassava: vertigo, vomiting, and collapse. In some cases, death may result within one or two hours.


Cassava cannot be eaten raw and also improper preparation of this is dangerous, because cassava can leave enough residual that can cause acute cyanide intoxication.

Cyanide intoxication can be treated easily with an injection of thiosulfate which makes sulfur available for the patient's body to detoxify by converting the poisonous cyanide into thiocyanate.

Possible causes

Epidemiologist Dr. Manuel Mapue of the Department of Health (DOH) said that cyanide could be produced by certain decomposing elements in soil. “During Summer, the level of cyanide in root crops increases because the soil is dry.

During the rainy days, the water (washes out the toxin).” Mapue said. Investigation shows that it was a accident because the lady herself got poisoned by eating the cassava after the students complained about the pain. And she was already selling the item for a long time.

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