20 Minutes Miracle To Get Golden Glow On Your Face

Women are very much conscious of their looks that they are ready to shed money in the beauty salons  to get beautiful and glowing skin.

Do you want to look beautiful the natural way without subjecting your skin to harmful chemicals.

We will provide you home remedies that will help you with your skin problems.

Luckily, this natural remedy will improve your skin’s quality and bring back its youthful glow.

Rosewater is believed to be a gentle and natural remedy for acne because of its cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Rose water is a natural toner and it can remove excess oil from the skin, which can help in treating acne.

Not only do tomatoes taste great but they also keep the skin healthy. Lycopene which is present in tomatoes are antioxidants, these antioxidants make tomato an anti-aging product as they help in fighting cellular damage and reddening of skin.

Sugar is natural ingredient that can be use as a scrub that removes dead skin cells leaving your face feeling so soft.

Here’s how to prepare it:

* 1/2 a tomato
* Rose water
* Sugar


* Cut a tomato in half and sprinkle some sugar on it to create a powerful facial scrub.

* Before using it on your face, soak a cotton ball in rose water and wash your face with it.

* Then, scrub your face with the tomato and sugar for 2 – 3 minutes, paying special attention on the affected areas. It will remove dead skin cells from your face and restore its glow.

* After you’re done, mix 2 teaspoons of tomato juice with 2 teaspoons of aloe Vera gel, then add 1 vitamin E capsule to the mixture.

* Massage your face with the resulting cream for 5 minutes.

* Mix 2 teaspoons of rice flour with 2 tablespoons of tomato juice and a couple of drops of lemon juice.

* Add some rose water if the paste is too thick. Apply it on your face, then leave it for 15 minutes.

* Finally, rinse it off with water. Repeat the process every day and soon your face will be glowing like never before!

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