A Santorini like Places in the Philippines That You Need to Visit this Summer!

A piece of Santorini in the Philippines?

Unbelievable right? Believe it or not! But there are places in the country where you can experience that Greek summer feels and santorini feels!

It's a yes!

Pack your things and head to these places before they get fully booked this summer!

Hurry and make some preparation don't forget to bring your cameras to catch that amazing selfies and groufies of yours.

I know you’ve seen photos of Santorini in Greece and I bet just like me, you wanted to book a flight and go there, however, there are so many buts.

Don’t worry! We found a little place that looked like Santorini.

It’s called Camp Netanya at Anilao, Batangas, only 5 hours away from Manila if you have your own car.

You can bring your family and  friends to enjoy the summer greece experience.

If you are from Taal, Batangas and it will took you around 2 hours. Be sure to catch the night setting there because you will capture the best moment of the place at night because of the Santorini ambiance.

The nearest landmark which is near is Vistamar. You’re almost there once you see it, around 10 more minutes of driving. You’ll know you’re in the right way if you see La Chevrerie Resort.

A helpful Tip: Book a reservation via Agoda or you can send an email at reservations.campnetanya@gmail.com

Here is the Resort Address:  Barangay Ligaya, Anilao, Batangas, Mabini, 4202

The pool is divided into three, 3 feet for kids, 4 feet and 10 feet for adults. We stayed in the pool lounge chair under an umbrella and we occupied two. My friends changed into their swimsuit on the dining area’s comfort room while I had mine on already.

Below are some of the prices and what food hey can offer:

- Day Tour is worth P500 per head inclusive of snorkeling and kayaking.
- The overnight accommodation is worth P5,000 for 2 person then P1,000 per additional.
- Kids that are 3 years old and below are absolutely free.
- As for the food, you can order it at their office. Food price ranges from P150 to P300 per dish. I forgot to take a picture of their menu.
- Choices are seafood, noodles, chicken, sandwiches at a very affordable price.

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A Santorini like Places in the Philippines That You Need to Visit this Summer! A Santorini like Places in the Philippines That You Need to Visit this Summer! Reviewed by LVS Staff on 1:07 AM Rating: 5
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