4 Ways To Spot Rice That Contains Plastic!

There are reports that China, a nation famous for ‘having all and making all’ has now taken a step further in the wrong direction with the mass production and distribution of plastic rice.

In each bag of rice, a small amount of real rice is mixed with the plastic rice, sprayed with a fragrance to mimic the smell of rice then packaged for commercial exportation to African countries which happens to be the continent with the largest Chinese rice consumption rate.

The plastic rice is reportedly made by forming potatoes and sweet potatoes into the shape of regular rice grains, then adding industrial synthetic resins.

These fake rice grains look exactly like rice but remain hard after cooking and it is feared to be a major causative factor in gastritis and other stomach related diseases.

How to Identify Plastic Rice or Fake Rice

You can find out fake rice very easily.

You do not need any chemicals while testing the plastic rice. With these simple tricks you can test whether your rice is wholesome and plastic-free.

* The Water Test
Pour a tablespoon of uncooked rice into a glass with cold water. If the rice all sinks to the bottom of the glass, it’s fine. If the grains float up to the surface, be careful!

* The Fire Test
Try setting a little bit of your rice on fire with a match or lighter. If it starts burning right away and smells like burning plastic, then you know what to do! (Do not eat it!)

* The Mortar and Pestle Test
When you crush a few grains of rice with a mortar and pestle they should be reduced to a fine, white, starchy powder. But with artificial rice, you will see a light yellow discoloration instead.

* The Mold Test
If you want to know for sure whether your cooked rice is quite safe, put a small quantity of cooked rice into an airtight container and leave it in a warm place. Within a couple of days it will have gotten moldy. Only fake rice stays mold-free.

It’s a very important to find out fake rice. If you will have fake rice it may cause any unknown diesease. So should be careful about this matter.

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