Infertility Signs and Symptoms: How To Know If You Are 'BAOG' Check This Out!

Did you know that Inability to achieve pregnancy is the most obvious sign of infertility or what we known as “pagkabaog.”? 

The main problem is that, some couples was not aware that one of them maybe infertile and do not have their ability to have baby. 

At first, they don’t notice this problem until late realizations came that though they keep on trying, they still haven’t gotten pregnant.

Below are some of the sign and symptoms you are looking for read for further information:

• Signs of Infertility in Women

1. Irregular menstrual cycle

* This may be caused by stress, pills intake or excessive exercise and diet. Symptoms are:
- Absent menstruation (amenorrhea)
- Clotty or very dark purple/black menstruation
- Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
- Heavy or long menstruation
- Long (over 35 days)
- Mid-cycle bleeding
- Short (less than 21 days)
- Short menstruation time
- Very pale menstruation

2.Hormonal Imbalance

* Increase or decrease in the number of these hormones can cause hormonal imbalance:
- Androgens for example DHEA, Testosterone
- Estrogen
- Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
- Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
- Progesterone
- Prolactin
- Thyroid hormones

3. Age

* If your already aged 35 and still trying for 6 months, it’s time to see your doctor for medical attention. Here are some fertility related diagnoses:
- Adenomyosis
- Blocked Fallopian Tubes
- Endometriosis
- Ovarian Cysts
- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
- Recurrent Miscarriages (more than 3)
- STD’s
- Uterine Fibroids

• Signs of Infertility in Men

* The most common hormonal imbalance in men involves production of:
- Estrogen
- Prolactin
- Testosterone

* Sperm Count, Health & Delivery Issues are:
- Abnormal sperm shape (teratozoospermia)
- Abnormal or poor sperm movement (asthenozoospermia)
- Abnormal sperm production
- Erectile dysfunction (ED)
- Genetic disorders
- Immobile sperm (necrozoospermia)-this is when the sperm do not move at all; the sperm may be dead, partially alive or alive, but do not move.
- Low sperm count (oligospermia)
- Physical or structural abnormalities such as undescended testicle.
- Retrograde ejaculation
- Vas Deferens blockage-varicoceles or STD damage
- Vasectomy reversal- Up to 70% of men with vasectomy develop antisperm antibodies.

Note: The following are some of the other Health Issues Which May Affect Fertility of Both Men and Women.

- Alcoholism
- Autoimmune disease
- Cancer (chemotherapy and radiation may cause Premature Ovarian Failure or Low Sperm count and health)
- Diabetes
- Drug Addiction
- Hypertension
- Heavy exposure to radiation or other environmental pollution
- Injury or trauma to reproductive organs, or one of the endocrine glands.
- Long-term use of medications
- Obesity
- Poor Adrenal Health
- Smoking
- Thyroid issues
- Very low body weight

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