Eat Right According To your Blood Type And Keep Your Body Healthy!

Have you wondered knowing your blood type is only important in the event of a transfusion?

Research indicates that your blood type is a key genetic factor that influences many areas of health and well-being.

But losing weight and keeping it off according to your blood type is amazing right?

Also discovering what foods work best for your body takes time.

Different diets work for different people, but if you haven’t found one that works for you yet, this one might just be it.

Your habits, gestures, movements and facial expressions can reveal a lot about your personality, and so can your blood type.

Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo created a Blood Type Diet guide based on personality, and whether you have Type A, Type B, Type O or Type AB blood running through your veins.

“When we discuss diet, we are not talking necessarily about a weight loss plan, that’s a side benefit to following this plan,” Dr. D’Adamo explains,

“We are actually discussing diet in the more traditional sense, meaning a way to eat.” But it sounds pretty interesting, right?

Read below and figure out what your blood type is and know what is best for your diet plan that could help you and inform you a lot!

1. Type A
-  Dr. D' Adamo believes that Type A's flourish on a vegetarian diet. For current meat-eaters, switching to a plant-based diet can aid in weight loss. Dr. D’Adamo suggests that Type A’s eat their foods in as natural a state as possible — foods that are pure, fresh and organic. “With this diet you can supercharge your immune system and potentially short circuit the development of life-threatening diseases.”

2. Type B
-  Type Bs tend to be highly sensitive to slipping out of balance, and they can produce higher levels of cortisol in stressful situations. The biggest factors in weight gain are corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds and chicken, as these foods can affect the metabolic process in Type Bs. Dr. D’Adamo believes that those with this blood type should avoid chicken and replace it with goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit or venison. He also encourages adding green vegetables and low fat dairy.

3. Type AB
- Type ABs have low stomach acid but an adaptation to meats, so they lack enough stomach acid to metabolize meat efficiently, and it ends up being stored as fat. Those with Type AB blood type should avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially when in a stressful situation. Eat tofu, seafood, dairy and green vegetables for weight loss. “Avoid all smoked or cured meats,” he adds. “These foods can cause stomach cancer in people with low levels of stomach acid.”

4. Type O
- Type Os tend to have a higher level of stomach acid, and they have a well-developed ability to digest meals that contain both protein and fat, which allows them to digest animal products more efficiently.

Stay away from simple carbohydrates, especially from grains, as they are more easily converted into fats and triglycerides. Instead, focus on lean, organic meats, vegetables and fruits, while avoiding wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol.

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.


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