Come On Let's Travel! Will Give You An Awesome Thailand Experience without leaving Philippines!

Have you been to Thailand? 

It was a country in Southeast Asia, where in Thai means "land of the free". 

Thailand has so much to offer when it comes to food and tourist destinations it is also practicing Buddhism.

In this article we will let you have the Thailand feels without leaving Philippines because we will share to you the mini Thailand in Laguna which is two hours away in Manila.

It will surely give you an awesome feels with the great scenery and let you taste it's mouth watering food.

It's a place that took the definition of restaurant to a whole new level. 

A floating restaurant that take customers into a different world. That's how I define Isdaan Floating Restaurant of Calauan, Laguna. Though Isdaan Floating Restaurant is a Thailand inspired place, with all those larger than life statues of Buddhas, little monks and mermaids, they still managed to incorporate a touch of Filipino culture through their food. Yup, they serve appetizing Filipino food here.

                                                                                Entrance to Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Isdaan is owned and operated by the Barrio Fiesta group of restaurants so you will be satisfied with the festive theme food. Isdaan in Calaun, Laguna is not a typical restaurant it is also a tourist attraction due to it's Thailand ambiance and scenery, also it's impressive structures that will make you think you really visited Thailand.

                                                                                                      Parking area

Due to it's floating restaurant concept, there is no single theme inside the resto-park and you can freely take a selfie with the small and large Buddha images, which really have you that Thai feels those small and large Buddha are one of it's tourist attraction and selfie spot.

They also have 3 large buddha statues. The Red Buddha, the White Buddha, and the Golden Buddha.The White Buddha resides on the western side of the restaurant, the Golden Buddha on the southern part, and the Red Buddha on the eastern part of the venue. And on the center, a large Gorilla like in the movie Kingkong where you climb up and take your photo.

There were also center stage performance, magic show, acrobatic show and dance numbers so you won’t get bored easily on the side, waiting for your food.

There's also a famous wall in Isdaan that is called Tacsiyapo. It is an open area and at the end point lies a wall with written words. Words that refer to someone we found annoying in one's life. You can buy a ceramic cup, plates, wall clocks and even a working television at the station then throw or smash them into the wall while targeting the words you are angry with and shout "tacsiyapo".

It's really an ideal place for people who wants to release all those pains and anger! Price of items that you can throw into the wall ranges from 20 pesos (cups) up to 2,000 pesos (television).

Here are the breakdown of expenses of the food and how to get there:

Bus (Pasay Terminal - Isdaan Floating Restaurant) - 85.00 PhP
Bus (Isdaan Floating Restaurant - Magallanes | Mantrade) - 107.00 PhP
Bagong Saing (rice) - 110.00 PhP
Inihaw na Tilapia (1/2 kilo) - 176 pesos
Sinigang na Hipon (1 kilo) - 483 pesos
Pitcher of Iced Tea - 204 pesos

How to get there?

You neeed to take a bus located at Buendia LRT Station with a signage of "Sta. Cruz", Laguna. It is approximately 2-hour drive away from Manila. Going to Isdaan is so easy. The place is just along the highway and it's hard to miss because of the towering statues of Mermaid Buddhas located in the entrance/parking area of Isdaan Floating Restaurant but to be sure, don't forget to inform the bus conductor to drop you at Isdaan. Fare is 85 pesos only per head.

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.

Come On Let's Travel! Will Give You An Awesome Thailand Experience without leaving Philippines! Come On Let's Travel! Will Give You An Awesome Thailand Experience without leaving Philippines! Reviewed by Artikulo Uno on 10:07 PM Rating: 5
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