Why Should Never Let Your Kids Sit In a “W” Position Ever Again!

Children very often sit in the “W” position because they feel secured and supported.

In this position, children sit on their bottoms, with their knees bent, feet tucked under, and their legs splayed out to the side.

However, sitting in a “W” position too often and for too long can negatively affect a child’s growth patterns and development.

The Negative Effects Of “W” Sitting Include:

1. Orthopedic Concerns: Sitting in “W” position may predispose your child to developing hip dislocation.

2. Muscle Tightness: The tightness is felt over the side of the hips and means that the child finds it difficult to balance using one leg.

3. Tibial Torsion: This sitting position can affect the alignment of the thigh and the lower leg of your child. Unfortunately, the child’s lower leg will twist outward and then becomes stiff over time. The lower legs get used to excessive lateral rotation, often referred to as tibial torsion.

4. Restricted Hip Movement: Sitting in this position can put too much stress on your knees and hips. Eventually, your knees and hips will adapt to the abnormal force of this sitting position. The external rotation of the hips will be restricted, making it difficult for your child to sit with his legs in front of his the body.

5. Developmental Holdups: In most cases, children who sit in this position have a problem standing up and walking, causing delays despite their age.

It is very important to help your child to break this habit before it’s too late. Teach them the lotus position and remind them to sit up straight every time they are on a chair or even at a desk.

Source: Steth News
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