Man Uses Baking Soda To Cure His Stage 4 Cancer!

Apart from its damaging effect to the whole body, chemotherapy drains all the body energy and resources and almost completely destroys the immune system.

This extremely aggressive cancer method is the main reason why a man named Vernon Johnson denied to undergo chemo.

As his cancer entered the advanced stage, Vernon's chances to be cures were almost unbelievable.

Eventually, he decided to fight for his own health. As his brother suggested, he decided to use cesium chloride to raise his pH levels, which can help in preventing the spread of cancer in his body.

Doctor’s hardly ever suggest cesium therapy to patients, but it is another cancer treatment. Cesium therapy can give better results when compared against radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Vernon started to use cesium alternative ways to raise his body’s pH levels.

After doing some research, he came across to baking soda. He mixed baking soda with maple syrup and started to drink it on a daily basis.

Baking soda neutralizes the body’s acidity, so it increases the pH levels in the body.

Cancer cells need an acidic environment in order to live, so an alkaline environment will logically starve them, and their growth will be prevented.

Getting the sodium bicarbonate closer to the tumor cells by intravenous injection is superior to oral administration.

But, on the other hand, oral medications are more available, way cheaper and safer that injections.

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