If You Have This Line In Your Palm You Are Very Lucky, Here's Why!

Guardian angels have long been a part of humanity’s more spiritual side.

The belief is that each one of us has a protector who watches over and keeps us out of harms way.

When life gets tough, dangerous, or when accidents happen, our guardian angel appears and keeps vigil.

Did you know that by just looking at the lines of our palm, we can tell how many guradian angels do we have?

Guardian angel lines are rare, but also very powerful. These lines are formed, on the left hand, when a family member or close friend dies.

The line signifies that they are now traveling alongside you as a spirit guide or guardian angel.

Although most believe palmistry to be superstition, others consider it an ancient science.

Many doctors and psychologists who have investigated its science have shown from their conclusions that hands have the potential to reveal a person’s character, health and psychological states.

Those who have guardian angel lines are thought to be very lucky all throughout their lives. They always manage to somehow avoid suffering and harm, and instead enjoy a lifetime of happiness, peace, and well being.

Not everyone has this line on their palm, they are more rare than common. The guardian angel line runs parallel to the “lifeline” on the left hand palm.

To see exactly where it is, the accompanying video will help you out.

In the video, the woman goes through and shows us how to see at what points our loved ones passed and became guides for us. She also says that it is important to call on our guardian angel(s) for help in times of trouble.

Those who have have this extra line are thought to be blessed with a guardian angel who watches over them and keeps them from harm.

If You Have This Line In Your Palm You Are Very Lucky, Here's Why! If You Have This Line In Your Palm You Are Very Lucky, Here's Why! Reviewed by LVS Staff on 8:43 PM Rating: 5
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