7 Reasons Why Tap Water is Better than Bottled Water!

Bottled water is everywhere, in offices, airplanes, stores, homes and restaurants across the country.

Choosing water over sugary sodas is great, but many people think bottled water is healthier than good ol' water from the tap.

And cleaner too. But research has found that is not true. 

In fact, bottled water could contain more impurities than tap water — that's not smart at all.

Here are seven reasons to skip the bottled water and opt for tap.

* Tap water is highly regulated. It is regularly checked for traces of E. coli and fecal coliform bacteria.

* Tap water are tested for coli-form bacteria 100 or more times a month. Bottled water companies are only required to test once a week.

* Tap water are being tested by government-certified labs. The same requirements for bottled water companies don't exist.

* Bottled water doesn't have to list the source, purification methods, or chemical pollutants on the bottle, so there's no telling what you're drinking.

* Tap water is free, and a bottle of water typically costs at least $1, which adds up. In fact, 40 percent of bottled water is actually just tap water, so it's a rip-off to pay for it.

* Used water bottles tend to end up in landfills and account for 1.5 million tons of plastic waste a year, so they're not the most eco-conscious. Filling a reusable bottle with tap water is the better way to go as far as the environment is concerned.

* The bottles are also unhealthy. The chemical ph thalate is added to the plastic to make it less brittle. When the plastic is heated the chemical leaches into your water. Drinking this chemical has been linked to reproductive issues, liver problems, and an increased risk for certain types of cancer.

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