6 Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth Naturally!

Having white teeth plays a crucial role in making a good first impression. But, as we get older, our teeth obtain stains that turns it darker.

We stain our teeth with the food we eat and drink. However, you can remove this stain and get a whiter teeth from the help of these foods.

If there are foods that can stain your teeth, there are also foods that can lighten them up. You can reverse the effects of teeth staining food with these natural and healthy foods. Get back those pearly whites with these foods.

Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth: 

* Apples: Eating apples after meals can remove gum bacteria and tooth debris. Apples have a high concentration of malic acid, which is used in some toothpastes. Malic acid increases saliva, which cleans your teeth and helps remove stains,

* Raw Vegetables: Raw vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli are high in fiber and have a slight abrasive texture that is great for removing stains on teeth and gums. Vegetables that have high iron content can protect your teeth against the enamel-degrading acid that’s produced by bacteria. This helps prevent stains and cavities.

* Onions: It has antibacterial sulfur content that can stop plaque from forming on the surface of your teeth. The lingering flavor left by onion on your teeth can also improve your dental hygiene habit.

* Water: Drinking water throughout the day promotes saliva production, which in turn helps keep your pearly whites. Sipping water during and after a meal also helps rinse your mouth of any debris and loose plaque.

* Shiitake Mushrooms: These contain “lentinan,” which is a natural sugar that has anti-bacterial properties. According to scientists, extracts of the mushrooms helped eliminate bacteria in the mouth, which could reduce the risk of plaque-based stains.

* Sesame Seed Oil: Swishing sesame seed oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes to not only reduce bacteria, but help whiten teeth. Researchers found out that the practice reduced plaque formation on teeth and contributed to gum health.

* Nuts: Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and cashew have a slight rough texture that can help remove stain on the teeth. It can also help increase saliva production that can help lower bacteria in the mouth. You just have to chew on it a few times to help the abrasive texture of the nuts to remove the stain.

Always remember to brush your teeth after you eat food that can stain your teeth such as coffees, grapes, soda, cheese covered junk foods, and blueberries

Source: Wellness Bin
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