Why Camote Is Considered As One Of The World's Healthiest Food

Consuming fruits and vegetables of all kinds has long been associated with a reduced risk of many adverse health conditions.

Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of plant foods like sweet potatoes decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall mortality while promoting a healthy complexion, increased energy, and overall lower weight.

Not only are sweet potatoes readily available, inexpensive, and delicious, they have many other benefits for your health. 

1. Sweet potatoes contain iron and support a healthy immune system.

Iron plays other important roles in our body, including red and white blood cell production, resistance to stress, proper im­mune functioning, and the metabolizing of protein, among other things.

2. Sweet potatoes are a good source of mag­nesium.

Magnesium is necessary for healthy artery, blood, bone, heart, muscle, and nerve function.

3. They are high in vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 helps reduce the chemical homocysteine in our bodies which  are linked with degenerative diseases, including heart attacks.

4. Good source of vitamin C. 

Vitamin C helps accelerate wound healing, produces collagen which helps maintain skin’s youthful elasticity, and is essential to helping us cope with stress. It even appears to help protect our body against toxins that may be linked to cancer.

5. They are a good source of vitamin D

Vitamin D is critical for immune system and overall health at this time of year.  it plays an important role in our energy levels, moods, and helps to build healthy bones, heart, nerves, skin, and teeth.

6. Source of potassium

Potassium is one of the important electrolytes that help regulate heartbeat and nerve signals. It also protects and controls the activity of the kidneys.

7.  Sweet potatoes do not cause blood sugar spikes.

Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet-tasting but their natural sugars are slowly released into the bloodstream, helping to ensure a balanced and regular source of energy.

8.  Sweet potatoes help ward off cancer

Their rich orange color indicates that they are high in carotenoids which helps strengthen our eyesight and boost our immunity to disease. It's powerful antioxidants that help ward off cancer.
Source: LVS
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