Pressure Points That Helps Reduce Stress & Promote Weight Loss

Massage is the best relaxation technique we could get.

It has very positive effect on your overall health and the best thing is that you can do it yourself.

If you didn’t know by now, massage:

– Improves the blood flow
– Stimulates the secretion of sweat
– Reduces fat
– Accelerates the blood flow through the issue
– Eliminates those acids that could cause cramps
– Affects the relaxation and muscles stretch

How massaging your feet is connected to this?

Applying pressure on specific points of the feet affect the treatment of various diseases.

It really helps the organs to improve and maintain their good work for the organism.

There are so many nerves that are in our bodies and 15,000 of those nerves are in your feet by itself.

This is why reflexology works effectively.

Hence, by stimulating certain parts on your feet according to the chart you can help you glands, organs and nervous system.

Using your thumb or index finger, simply press for five seconds on each of the following areas indicated above below:

* Outside of big toe (hypothalamus) - controls appetite and thirst.
* Center of big toe (pituitary gland)- stimulates and balances hormonal secretions of all other glands.
* Bottom of big toe (thyroid) - regulates your metabolism.
* Under ball of foot (diaphragm) - reduces stress.
* Near inner edge of foot at center sole (adrenal glands) - help to maintain your energy levels to burn off calories.
* Near bottom of foot at center sole (the colon and intestines of the digestive system) - promote elimination and relieves bloating.
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