How To Survive A Sudden Heart Attack When You’re Alone - MUST READ!

A heart attack is a circulation problem that happens when blood flow to the heart is blocked.

It do not come with an announcement, and many people have to struggle with it without any help.

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

- Pain in the chest, shoulder, back, arms, stomach, jaw, and neck
- Breathing difficulties
- Cold sweats
- Feeling of fullness, indigestion, and choking
- Irregular heartbeat

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack for Women

- Pain in the chest, jaw, shoulder, and arms
- Easy fatigability
- Sleeping difficulties

You should never ignore these symptoms.

If you experience one or more of the symptoms for five minutes or longer you, here are some tips you need to follow:

* Never ignore the symptoms

Most people especially those who are young with heart problems wait a long time to get treatment thinking that it was just a mild symptoms.

Do not ignore it and make sure to go to your doctor immediately because if you ignore the symptoms, your heart will have a hard time repairing the damage.

* Take Action

• Call the ambulance right away: Make sure to call first the ambulance before attempting to call anyone else.

• Ask someone to come over immediately: Having a person near you can will be very helpful.

• Chew on aspirin: Chewing aspirin is very effective within 30 minutes of your first symptoms attack.

• Do not attempt drive: It is not recommended to drive a car when experiencing heart attack symptoms to avoid other problems.

• Remain calm and lie down: While you are calming yourself, lie on your back and raise your legs upward. This will help you breathe and supply oxygen needed  to your blood.

• Never attempt CPR: CPR may cause you to accidentally throw off the normal heartbeat resulting in difficulty of oxygen to reach your blood.

• Avoid drinking and eating: You should avoid eating or drinking during a heart attack. Aspirin is the only thing that you can have in your system.

Source: 1M Health Tips
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