How To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly Without Using Tweezers In 5 Minutes Or Less

Even the most beautiful eyebrows needs maintenance, but what do you usually choose when you need to do your eyebrows Tweezing? Waxing? Shaving?

Tweezing is one of the effective methods to groom your eyebrows and the results last longer.

Unfortunately, it can cause ingrown hail as a result of follicle braking off under the skin.

In such case, a skin layer grows over the pore in this way trapping the hair, which brings about a red bump.

Meanwhile, waxing can peel or burn the top layer of your facial skin. This can result in premature aging, wrinkle appearance and skin loosening.

If you want to try something different method aside from tweezing and skin damaging around eyes with wax you may try threading.

Benefits of Threading

Threading is an extremely old skill that involves using only a piece of thread to remove the hair from your eyebrows or elsewhere.

It may need some practice and what you need is a string. One of its greatest benefits are it is less messy, faster and is less traumatizing to the skin than waxing of tweezing.

Besides, threading is a chemical free practice that is very hygienic, as a new thread is used every time, and the procedure itself does not bring about redness, breakout or pigmentation.

Also, it can help in slowing down the process of hair re-growth in light of the fact that it reliably causes hair follicle to go weaker and turn out to be less thick.

How to Thread Your Eyebrows

1. Take a piece of thread, but you may wish to draw in your desired shape with an eyebrow pencil or numb the area with some ice or cold water.

2. After cutting the string, its ends should be tied together to form a loop. Snip off any extra thread beyond the knot.

Hold the section of the thread with the knot in one hand, and hold the opposite section with your other hand.

3. Twist the hand without the knot five or six times, while holding the other section of the thread tightly. You should make the shape of an hour glass or infinity.

The next step is to practice the opening and closing technique which resemble scissors with opening the one hand and closing the other at the same time.

The twisted thread in the middle is what will remove the hair.

4. Hold your hands in a manner your fingers are confronted far from your face, and position them over the eyebrow you are going to shape.

Place the triangle of the thread, so that the hair you want to pluck is within the thread. Pull against the direction of the hair growth in a way you move the triangle opposed to the side of the hair growth.

5. Close the hand controlling the triangle around the hair, as you open the other hand.

Simply ensure the string is again touching your skin, and rapidly make the scissors movement the other way of the hair growing, with a specific end goal to pull the hairs out.

It needs to be practiced but once you learn it you will never stop doing it.

Check out the video tutorial HERE.

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