What You Need To Know About The Half-Moon Shaped Mark On Your Nails

Look at your fingernails. Have you seen the white half-moon shape that starts at your nail beds?

That is called the lunula. And it's more than just a built-in design element — it actually says a lot about your health.

What is the lunula part of the nail?

The lunula is the light crescent marking on your nail where the nail emerges from the skin.

It is part of the nail root, and most people have prominently visible lunula on their thumbnails and diminishing sizes to their pinky nails.

What does it say about someone's health?

The ancient Chinese view of the lunula is like a barometer of one's health and the modern medicine ideas with regard to specific conditions. When your health declines, it is manifested in changes to the lunula, or the disappearance of it altogether. And when your health is restored, your lunula returns to its original condition.

Lack of lunula indicates anemia and malnutrition while a pale or bluish lunula indicates possible diabetes. If a person’s lunula has reddish smudges he or she may be suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Quantity – the presence of eight to 10 milky white lunula indicates good health if the lunula edge is sharp and clear.

Shape – it would be better to take an area of one fifth of the fingernail.

Color – it would be better in the color of ivory. The whiter, the better, which indicates the person is stronger.

Therefore, the less lunula a person has, the lower energy and poorer health and immunity he/she has, so it’s more likely for he/she to feel tired. Also, if the lunula only appears on the thumbs, it indicates that the physical energy is insufficient and the disease is about to come.

On a positive note, if the person regains the health from regulation, the little moon will gradually appear again.

Source: LVS , Artikulo
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