8 Dangerous Brain Damaging Habits to Avoid (According to Science)

Without a brain human beings would not be able to live.

The brain tells all of the other organs in the body how to function, so if the brain isn't working well, depending on the part of the brain affected, other organs can stop working correctly.

Here, we're going to talk about these terrible daily habits that could severely damage your brain.

8 Brain Damaging Habits

1. Skipping Breakfast

Research seems to indicate that when it comes to brain health, skipping breakfast is not a good habit. Eating breakfast every day can help a person avoid suffering a stroke.

The researchers also noted that blood pressure drops after breakfast and therefore, having breakfast can also reduce the risk of a brain hemorrhage.

2. Cellphone Radiation May Cause Brain Cancer

There has been an ongoing debate whether radiation from cellphones can cause cancer.

By conducting a trial test on rats, scientists found that there was an increased risk of tumors in the brain and heart.

3. Overeating of Fat Damages the Brain

Scientists have discovered that fatty foods can rewire the brain to start craving foods that are high in fat.

Thus, people who regularly overeat fatty foods will soon develop a defect in the brain that will send signals to continue eating, even though the person is technically feeling full which will results in obesity and other health problems.

4. Lack of Social Integration

Psychologists says our brains function best when we have opportunities to socialize with others.

Therefore, lack of social contact can lead to depression, feelings of loneliness, and even affect our ability to remember things.

5. Sleep Deprivation

The habit of not getting enough sleep can have a damaging effect on the brain. In fact, it can actually physically damage your brain.

When we sleep, cellular structures in the brain alter to flush out toxins that have built up during the day.

6. Smoking

Smoking is a damaging habit for your brain and other organs in your body.

Smokers experience a drop in dopamine function in the brain that leads to addiction and also increases the chance of relapse when trying to quit.

7. Too Much Sugar

Recent study suggests that too much sugar could have long-term effects on the brain and behavior.

Reducing your sugar intake to a minimum has many health benefits and it will help keep your brain functioning well.

8. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

According to experts, alcohol affects the brain in many ways, such as impaired memory and slowing in reaction times.

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