6 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair All Wrong

We've been told before that the more we shower, the cleaner our hair will be.

However, studies by medical researchers have shown quite the opposite.

In fact, showering almost everyday may damage your hair.

* Towel drying isn’t the best idea.

Drying your hair using towel can lead to frizziness which can lead to hair damage as well. Instead, you could use other methods such as using a t-shirt.

* Too much shampoo or conditioner

If you think that using a good quantity of shampoo or conditioner is a good idea, believes us it isn’t.

* Be gentle

Scrubbing your hair too hard can be one of the leading cause to create problems to your hair as it leads to loss of hair and also makes your hair weaker. You should rather be mild and not ruin your hair.

* Shampoo isn’t the correct choice.

Using shampoo is the long run damage your hair more than the benefit they give you for a short term. Being chemical in nature, they can make your hair dry and ultimately lead to loss of hair from the scalp.

* Hot shower is a big NO NO

Hot shower damages your hair. You should instead replace the hot water with lukewarm water.

* You shouldn’t condition wet hair

Most people usually condition their hair just after they wash it not realizing the fact that they aren’t supposed to condition dripping wet hair because in this case it doesn’t affect they way it should.

Source: Metagirly , Artikulo
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