Why Heart Attack Is More Deadly On Women As Young As 25 Years Old

You’re never too young or too healthy to have a heart attack. Regardless of gender, anyone could be the next victim.

Though heart attack is common among men, women are no exception.

The more surprising fact about it is that researchers found that heart attacks were far more likely to be deadly if the victim was female.

When a heart attack strikes a young woman, she is likely to suffer debilitating damage or die.

Unfortunately, many doctors don’t suspect a heart attack when they see a young woman with chest pain. 

This is because they sometimes miss the attack and don’t realize that the symptoms of a heart attack may vary with the patient’s gender.

Compared to men, during a heart attack women are much more likely to experience back pain, indigestion and nausea and/or vomiting, rather than chest pain, which is the most common symptom of the attack.

Therefore, it's best to understand and be aware of its symptoms as well as signs of early cardiac troubles which can significantly increase your chances of survival.

The following symptoms could signal heart attack in women:

* Chest pain - can also include back pain or deep aching and throbbing in the left or right bicep or forearm.

* Breathlessness - may also include waking up having difficulty catching one’s breath.

* Clammy perspiration.

* Dizziness - unexplained light headedness, even blackouts.

* Edema - swelling, particularly of the ankles or lower legs.

* Fluttering or rapid heartbeats.

* Gastric upset or nausea.

* Heavy fullnes- may also include pressure-like chest pain between breasts and radiating to left arm or shoulder.

If you are experiencing these symptoms please do not wait, contact a doctor immediately for your own safety.

Source: Steth News
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