10 Signs That You Are Eating More Sugar Than Usual

Who doesn't love sweets and sugary foods?

Sweet treats are undeniably tasty, satisfying, and irresistible. But did you know that it's the most damaging substances that you can ingest. What's more terrifying about it is that it's just so abundant in our everyday diet.

Sugar is addictive and carefully woven into processed foods to keep you eating and buying more.

 It also lurks in almost all processed foods, including breads, meats, and even your favorite condiments like Worcestershire sauce and ketchup.

Have you become a sugar addict? Here are warning signs you’re eating too much sugar.

1. Tiredness & Lack of energy

A constant feeling of tiredness or fatigue is one of the biggest signs you’ve got too much sugar in your diet. High-sugar foods will first give you a big carbohydrate boost and temporarily lend a feeling of increased energy, then a crash will come afterward.

2. Sugar/Carb Cravings

Sugar consumption can create a chain reaction of sugar cravings because it is so sweetly addictive. If you hear the carbs calling your name with every move you make, you could be in the throes of a deep sugar addiction.

3. Frequent colds & flu

Consumption of too much sugar can weaken your immune system, making your body’s natural ability to fight off colds, flu viruses, and even chronic disease weaker than it would be if you avoided foods with added sugars.

4. Anxiety or depression

Once sugar’s energy-boosting effects have worn off, the physical fatigue of the “sugar crash” may be accompanied by psychological fatigue. Feelings associated with depression, such as sadness and social withdrawal, may be experienced by sugar addicts.

5. Skin and feet problems (including dark circles under your eyes)

Sugar has an inflammatory effect on the body when it is eaten, so it can also contribute to inflammatory skin problems.

6. Weight problems

The human body is set up to accommodate a limited amount of sugar. When the body has had its fill and the sugar keeps pouring in, the sugar calories end up being converted to and stored as body fat.

7. High blood pressure

Blood pressure problems may not be due to the sodium in your diet, but rather, to the sugar in your diet.

8. Dental issues

Sugar likes to work its way into the nooks and crannies in your teeth, where it can rot away tooth enamel and infiltrate your teeth, causing painful dental problems.

9. Diabetes

Eating too much sugar or sugary foods can cause weight gain, and weight gain can increase your risk for developing type II diabetes. If you find yourself constantly thirsty or hungry in spite of regular eating and hydration you may wish to talk to your doctor about your diabetes risk.

10. Heart problems

A sugary diet has the potential to wreak havoc on the heart.


Beat the sugar addiction by consuming healthy foods, like fruits and sweet potatoes, as they are naturally sweet. Yur taste buds will be able to appreciate a healthy level of sweetness all the more.

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