Watch: How 'Long Eggs' Are Made

Delicious, nutritious and super-simple to make, hard-boiled eggs are an easy go-to snack or healthy breakfast option.

However, we often struggle to cook it perfectly.

 In the end, we bite into their uncooked egg yolk, leaving much to be desired. 

There are times that we want to eat more than one hard-boiled egg but cooking too many is a waste of time.

Fear no more, egg-lovers. A town in Denmark is currently producing longer and thicker eggs.

You may think the egg came from a big hen, but no. 

An egg machine produces these egg pieces approximately 20 centimeters long with a regular center of yolk surrounded by egg white of an even thickness.

You probably haven't seen it in stores since it's more a "food service" item than a consumer product.

Nevertheless, watch and be fascinated on how these 'long eggs' are made.

Source: Inna Mag
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