5 Most Common Habit You're Doing That Can Permanently Damage Your Liver

The liver is the heaviest organ in the body and one of the largest. It's located in the upper right portion of your belly under the ribs and is responsible for functions vital to life.

The liver primarily processes nutrients from food, makes bile, removes toxins from the body and builds proteins.

So when it becomes inflamed with hepatitis, it will interferes the vital functions and can lead to poor health.

Lets have a look at some of the common habits that can damage your liver permanently:

1. Excessive Alcohol

Heavy alcohol consumption is the most common cause of liver damage. This is because the liver gets diverted from its other functions and focuses mainly on converting alcohol to a less toxic form, and this causes fatty liver disease and inflammation. After a long time of consuming excess amount of alcohol, the damage can become permanent and cause cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) which leads to loss of liver function.

2. Overuse of Medications

As the liver role is to break down substances we consume, including medications, herbs and supplements, consuming too much of certain medications can gradually harm the liver. The damage can range from mild to a complete liver failure.

3. Smoking

Cigarette smoke affect the liver indirectly. The toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke eventually reach to the liver and cause oxidative stress to the liver that produces free radicals that damage the liver cells.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation has some surprising dangers. A study published in the Journal of Anatomy found that sleep deprivation can cause oxidative stress to the liver. It is becuse the livers aren’t processing fat efficiently and instead allowing fat to accumulate.

5. Obesity and Poor Nutrition

The liver normally helps to process and regulate the amount of sugar and fat in the blood, but in obese people the liver becomes overwhelmed and starts storing excess fat in its own liver cells. Over time, if too much fat is accumulated in the liver, the liver can become inflamed and the liver cells can be damaged.

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