Remove Unwanted Facial Hair So Easy With This Kitchen Spice

Unwanted facial hair is embarrassing  especially for women. It may not be detrimental to your health, but it can damage self-confidence.

Hair on the face and other parts of the body often results from post-pregnancy hormonal changes and hormonal imbalances caused by irregular menstrual cycles. It’s also a side effect of certain medications.

Shaving is the most common method, but it only lasts a few days. Waxing, body sugaring and depilatory creams can give you a couple of weeks between sessions. The versatile spice from India, turmeric, provides the potential for more effective removal.

Here, you are going learn how to get rid of unwanted hair without waxing, plucking or spending tons of money on laser treatments and electrolysis. This natural solution has been used for centuries by the women from the Middle East. 


– 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
– 2 tablespoons chickpea flour
– a little bit of milk or yogurt 


Simply mix the turmeric and chickpea flour, until you get homogeneous mixture and then add the milk in the end.

How to use it:

This mixture should be applied on the desired area in the growing direction of the hairs and leave it for about 20 minutes. When it completely dries, rub it with a cotton fabric soaked in warm water and wash it.

Turmeric is very effective when it comes to acne and enhances the skin glow, because it has anti-inflammatory effects. It is also known to cleanse your skin deeply, removes the dead cells and other impurities from your skin and it also encourages the work of your lymph glands. 

Things to remember:

Because of the yellow color of the turmeric, the treatment will give your face a nice tone, but after the treatment you have to wash it very well. The treated zone may get a bit red at first, but the redness will disappear quickly because of the anti-inflammatory effects of the turmeric. Repeat the treatment 3-4 times a week during one month in order to have the best results.

Source: Ehow
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