Man Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because Of Doing This Every Night

Using our phones at night is a very common activity that most of us participate in. Most people check social media and send text messages before going to bed.

Numerous people think using our smartphones at night is a harmless activity, but it can actually have damaging effect on our health.

Report says that the light radiating out from our smartphones can ultimately harm our sleep cycle or worst, make us blind.

Take the case of a 40-year-old man who never missed a night checking his phone an hour before bed. The result? He was later diagnosed with eye cancer.

The man visited the doctor when he could not focus clearly, his albumen having turned red because of serious injuries. Turns out that it was the result of prolonged exposure to cell phone, which made his macular’s eye degrade, leading to impaired vision and signs of eye cancer.

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The doctors can’t seem to do anything in this case because replacing the retina is an extremely difficult job for our current medicine.

A German study suggests that regular use of cellphones could lead to an increased risk of contracting uveal melanoma, in which tumours form in the layer that makes up the iris and base of the retina.

The cancer affects just a few in every 100,000 people but the study comes on top of many other conflicting claims about the dangers of mobile phones.

However, other reports claimed that there is no conclusive link between cellphone use and eye cancer. 

True or not, it is still best to avoid such habits before bedtime. Experts recommend that people should minimize their use of laptops, tablets or mobile devices at night, when lighting is low or even turned off. 

Furthermore, access to these devices should always be used in suitable lighted condition.

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