How to Have A Whiter And Fairer Skin Like A Korean

Korea has the region's best-kept beauty secrets. As the 12th largest cosmetics producer on the planet, Koreans care about looking good, and have tried and tested formulas for ageless-looking skin.

The main difference between Korean and Western skincare regimes is that Korean children are taught to take care of their skin daily from a very early age.

By teaching children how to properly moisturize, exfoliate, and protect their skin so young, they learn how important it is to be in control of their skin's health.

These Asian beauty tips from Korea are all you need to know for radiant, flaw-free skin.

1. Skin Care

Korean children,consider skin care as the ultimate investment and spend considerable time in taking care of it. A good skin care regime reduces the chances of unwanted blemishes and other skin problems and makes your skin radiant. 

2. Double Cleansing

Korean women follow the double cleansing method. The aim is to remove the makeup along with the dirt that settles on the face throughout the day.
  • * Pre-cleanse

The first step is to remove the makeup and traces of oil using a liquid cleanser. Then, apply cleansing oil to remove bacteria, sebum, and other impurities. After cleansing, wash your facethoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • * Re-cleanse

Koreans consider cleansing as the key to a radiant skin. Clean the pre-cleansed skin with a mild foaming cleanser by applying it in a circular motion with the help of your fingertips.

3. Exfoliating

Cleansing and exfoliating help remove the impurities from the skin and unclog the pores for a smooth and refreshed skin. An exfoliator removes the dead skin cells collected on the surface of the skin.

4. Toning

Toning sets the skin after cleansing and exfoliating so that the skin absorbs the moisturizer well. They replenish and nourish the skin, and simultaneously, shrink the size of pores.

5. Moisturizing

Koreans soften their skin using a light moisturizer. They apply moisturizer using their fingertips and massage in a circular motion to promote blood circulation. 

6. Natural Face Masks

Koreans prefer face masks made of natural ingredients and the most commonly used ingredients include fermented yeast, green tea, and snail mucin.

7. Applying SPF

Most of the Korean beauties do not step out of their house without applying a sunblock. Irrespective of the season, they do not skip SPF, as applying a sunblock also helps prevent wrinkles, aging, and blemishes.

9. Using Eye Cream

Koreans believe in keeping the delicate eye area super moisturized by tapping on an eye cream around the eyes before sleeping.  This prevents dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness.

10. Proper Diet

A cardinal rule of skin care states that you are what you eat. The Korean diet is nutritious and varied and rich in nutrient

Taking care of your skin in the morning and in the evening, every single day, means the chance of unwanted blemishes erupting is lessened significantly, leaving your skin to shine.

The earlier you realize this, the healthier your skin will be in the long-term.

Source: Style Craze
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