12 Things You Might See In Your Dreams And What It Means

We all dream every night even if we don't remember it the next day. But what exactly do dreams mean, anyway?

Dreams can be entertaining, disturbing, or downright bizarre. They are basically stories and images our mind creates while we sleep.

Dreams can be vivid. They can make you feel happy, sad, or scared. And they may seem confusing or perfectly rational.

Here are the 12 most common images seen in a dream and what it means:

1. Box
If you dream of a box, your subconsciousness was trying to reveal something. Dreaming of opening a box means you're willing to share secrets to others while an empty box means you'll be experiencing disappointments in your life.

2. Cats
If cats appeared on your dream, it means strength. Your subconsciousness is giving you hint that you are spiritually connected.

3. Flying 
Flying in a dream, and how effectively or poorly it's done, relates to how much control we feel we have in our lives, and whether we are confident and able to achieve our goals.

4. Falling
Falling uncontrollably from a great height indicates something in waking our life that feels very much out of control.

5. Being Chased
Chase dreams help us to understand that we may not be addressing something in our waking lives that requires our attention.

6. Water 
Water frequently represents our emotions or our unconscious minds. The quality of the water (clear vs. cloudy; calm vs. turbulent) often provides insight into how effectively we are managing our emotions.

6. Teeth
Dreaming of getting your teeth pulled or yanked means that you have fears of aging or getting old.

7. Hair
This could means many things. It could suggests that you should focus on your relationship with your partner and express your sexuality more. It can also indicate a strong desire of freedom.

8. Roads
You love the idea of travelling while also possessing a character of simplicity. Dreaming of roads could also mean about your fate and desires in life

9. Mud
This could point to a sign that you are currently in a life situation trying to find your way out. Mud could also mean that you're uneasy about something that is worrying you.

10. Green Color
When the color Green appears in your dream, it simply means that you's satisfied and happy with your life.

11. Death 
Although death is often perceived as negative, it's often more directly related to dramatic change happening for the dreamer, the end of one thing, in order to make room for something new.

12. N_udity 
Emotional or psychological exposure or vulnerability is very often expressed in dreams through n_udity. The body part that's exposed can give more insight into the emotion that our dreams are helping us to understand.

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