How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun This Summer

We all know how the hot summer sun is harmful for our skin and we take due precautions for it. But have you ever given a thought about sun effect for hair?

The sun can wreck equal havoc with our hair as with our skin. It doesn’t show any mercy and dries out everything in its way, hair included.

The high humidity content in the atmosphere settles on the hair and weighs it down and the result is limp hair. Sweat and dust can also contribute by increase in dandruff, split ends, frizziness and hair fall.

So you end up over conditioning and over treating. Well, that is a big mistake.

Fortunately, we have here the ways some easy and natural ways in protecting your golden locks from the harmful rays of the sun.


The sun hats are big enough to fully cover your hair and face from excessive sun exposure. This is one of the best way to protect your hair from the sun since it guarantee a hundred percent protection.


There are a lot of products available in the market that cater in protecting your hair. Use these products whenever you plan too go out for long periods even you're wearing a hat. Don't worry in taking a swim since they're made to stick on your hair even when wet.


Though lemon juice is proven to lighten the hair naturally, the damage can be a bit difficult to fix afterwards.


Left over hair products can speed up the damage on your hair when left alone for a long period of time. Sweat, hair products and UV rays from the sun are bad combination. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to allow your hair to breath properly.

(Source: Wellnesbin)
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