How To Fix Split End And Prevent It From Coming Back

Hair is the most essential adornment of a human body. Try to imagine yourself without hair.... certainly you would not like it.

Your hair have to fight almost every day  pollution, sun, dust, wind and not to mention, the curlers, straighteners, dryers, gels, and a variety of beauty products.

This lavish treatment, given to the hair, looks great on a specific occasion, but regular use of these treatments parch and ruin your hair.  It is no wonder that most of the women complaint of having frizzy and dry hair with split ends.

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What is a split end?

When hair is damaged, its cuticle (outer layer) starts cracking and exposing it’s inner cortex. Once this internal structure of a hair strand is exposed, it rapidly becomes weak and dry, leading to split ends.

Depending on where it is situated on the hair shaft, a split end can unravel and travel quite some way up the hair shaft.


while many of us simply resort to snipping our split cuticles, there are plenty of tips for repairing and preventing split ends. 

1. Brush through your hair before showering. 

This will minimize tangles and prevent breakage which can lead to split ends.

2. Use plenty of conditioner while showering and use a leave-in after, if need be. 

Not only will your hair feel super-smooth to the touch, the lubrication will also help prevent split end causing breakage.

3. Try not to brush your hair while it's wet. 

Yes, this is a hard thing to avoid, but if you do the aforementioned two steps, and avoid scrunching your hair up in a towel, you should be able to easily comb through it.

4. Lay off the heat styling tools. 

Anything that uses heat to treat your hair -- blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. -- is damaging. Try experimenting with different hairstyles that don't call for a sleek look. 

5. When getting your hair trimmed, cut about 1 ½-inches above your split ends.

Split ends will continue to split if left unattended, so this will help prevent more damage.

Natural Remedy

On the other hand, a deep conditioning split end hair mask can help strengthen the hair shaft and reduce damage.

1 papaya (de-seeded and skinned)
½ cup plain yogurt

1. Mash up the papaya and mix it with the yogurt
2. Whip until you obtain a smooth consistency.
3. Apply this mixture all over the hair.
4. Cover with a shower cap and leave for 45 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Why it works: Both papaya and yogurt are rich in proteins and amino acids, which help make hair stronger.

(Source: AllWomenStalk)
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