5 Morning Drinks You Need To Avoid That Makes You More Fatter

Summer is just right around the corner. Though it's hard to believe, many of us have started dieting to prepare for bikini season.

But problem is, we tend to focus on what not to eat, and forget about what not to drink, too.

This can really set us back in our efforts to lose weight and/or tone our muscles. Some of us even consume more calories from drinks than from entire meals.

More often than not, the problem is excessive amounts of added sugar that cause dangerous spikes in blood pressure and contribute to weight gain, but some drinks are also surprisingly fatty.

1. Banana Milkshake

Bananas are rich in potassium and calcium and that is why they are good food for breakfast. However, bananas are rich in calories also and that means that banana milkshake may cause weight gain.

2. High Fat Yogurt

Yogurts are commonly named low in fat and high in proteins. It is important to know that yogurts can contain large amounts of calories, sugars and fat. If you like yogurt for breakfast, buy Greek yogurt because it is packed with protein and will keep you feeling full for more time.

3. Smoothies

You should know that ready-made smoothies from supermarkets can result and gaining weight.These smoothies contain sugar to have that sweet taste and to be more attractive to consumers. That extra sugar in your body means extra calories or fats. Replace these smoothies with some fruit and fix the problem.

4. Chocolate Milk

We all know that chocolates are very delicious. But, you should avoid them if you are trying to lose some excess weight because they are rich in calories and their nutritional value is pretty bad. A cup of chocolate milk can have up to 250 calories and 5 grams of unsaturated fat.

5. Special Coffee

Coffee contributes to better weight loss process and faster body metabolism because of the coffee extract which is often used in many weight loss pills. One cup of coffee has 200 calories.

Keep in mind that these drinks are so shockingly bad for you that it is in your best interests to avoid them at all costs.

(Source: HealthDigezt)
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