Your Fingerprints Might Be Telling You Something About Your True Self

According to modern science, if you’re looking to uncover the truth about your personality including strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and even potential, look no further than your own two hands.

Evidently, your hands are like maps to your personality. Not only do the lengths of your fingers and the shapes of your nails reveal the truth, but so do your fingerprint patterns and there’s a whole science behind the analysis of these prints.

By examining the patterns on our fingers, and even toes, we can uncover telling facts about ourselves.

And since our fingerprints do not change as we age, much can be read about children by taking a look at their tiny fingers. 


People who have lines which curve in a similar fashion to the picture above are full of energy and always busy. Those with curved prints love and appreciate music and art, and they are very loyal friends who never give up on those close to them. They make up their mind quickly and always stick with what they think is best. While that can be a positive attribute, it can get them into trouble from time to time.


Those who have loops in their prints tend to be very calm, serene, laid back and relaxed people. They are warm and open, often empathizing with others, and easily make friends. Even though they are responsible to the fullest degree, they barely ever make a first move or take initiative, instead preferring to let others take the lead. They also are often in very good, if not excellent, shape and health.


People with swirls on their fingerprints are known for having short tempers. That’s because they are very independent and self-reflective, choosing to hide their deeply complex thoughts and feelings rather than tell them to anyone else. They are also lone wolves of society and are more independent and distrusting of others. However, once you get to know them and earn their trust, you’ll learn they are witty and talented.

Take a moment to look at your fingerprints and the chart, then see what your finger tips reveal about your personality. 

(Source: Sun-Gazing)
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