Why Brushing Your Hair Too Often Is Not A Good Idea

We are all obsessed with having long, thick, and beautiful hair. However, a lot of what we are doing to our hair to make it look its best is actually making it feel its worst.

Heat tools, color processing, chemical processes, and even how we brush or wash our hair can cause significant hair damage.

You may think you’re doing everything you can to make your hair gorgeous, but you’re actually damaging it in the process. 

Writer Marianne Power has given up her life-long hair brushing habit and that involves not brushing your hair at all. 

The advocate say that over-brushing damages your hair, leading to split ends and breakages, which could end in hair loss. 

She used to brush her hair every night and morning believing that 100 strokes every day will keep her hair soft, shiny and healthy. However, it was the opposite.

"I am anti-brushing," she says. "I have been for years, ever since I started doing research into the dust particles in hairbrushes and realized that a lot of it is actually hair broken by brushing and healthy cells that have been stripped off the scalp."

She added that constant traction from pulling your hair when you brush can actually pull out your hair, while the sharp tips at the end of some bristles harm the scalp.

Vigorous brushing can also remove some of your hair's cuticles - its outer cell layer - which weakens it and causes damage.

Marianne shared as well her secret of hed natural-tousled hair. She recalled that she read something online about putting unbrushed hair into a bun or plaits helps to tame it, while keeping its natural texture.

So she plaits her hair before falling asleep and the next day was a pleasant surprise -- her hair was tousled.

So it seems not brushing is a win-win. Not only is it a lazy girl's dream, we can justify our indolence with the knowledge that it is protecting our hair for years to come.

(Source: DailyMail)
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