What Your Smelly Farts Reveal Ahout Your Overall Health

The embarrassing habit of breaking wind that seems foul is simply an unavoidable byproduct of our daily digestion.

But did you know that your gaseous patterns can actually speak volumes about your health?

What is the gas in farts?
Flatulence is caused when food is poorly digested. Smelling of rotten eggs, farts are actually a gas composed of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide gas is not healthy in large doses, but articles on the internet claimed that small amounts could even help you fight off certain diseases.

Foods that contain plenty of sulfur create pretty smelly farts. These foods are meat and eggs for example. But of course, this does not mean that you should stop eating these foods.

So how will you know that something is wrong with your health by only smelling your farts?

Some studies suggest that the average person farts fourteen times per day. As much as incredible it sounds to you, farts, including the smelly ones, are a good sign that the digestive system is just fine.

1. If your wind is noisy but not smelly, ‘loud and proud’, this means that you aren’t digesting carbohydrates fully.

2. If your wind is quiet but smelly, ‘silent but violent’, the digestion of protein is a problem.

3. If your wind is loud and possibly a little wet, then you may be having difficulty digesting fats.

4. If you do fart over twenty times a day, then you ate consuming something that brings increased amount of air in the guts.

A broad spectrum digestive enzyme can be bought from the pharmacy or health food store and is taken with meals to help the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This can help you feel more comfortable and produce less trapped gas.

A Few Extra Tips:

- always chew the food well before swallowing. It's more easier for your intestines and stomach, to breaks down the food.
- consume more of fresh food, like fruits and vegetables as they're natural laxatives and regulate the bowel movement.
- stomach problems can be treated by using garlic, sassafras and peppermints in your diet.

(Source: Popsci)
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