What Does The Color Of Your Period Blood Tells You About Your Health

Menstruation is a normal part of women's lives. It involves a periodic or cyclical shedding of the lining of their uterus.

A woman's period blood colors and textures may vary during various stages of life and during times when certain conditions may interfere with the normal cycle.

These changes may be a sign that the blood has been in the uterus for some time and has not been removed quickly.

Some women however, feel that something may be going on, and want to know the possible reasons in the changes from their usual menstruation.

Here is a discussion of normal and abnormal conditions, which may affect the characteristics of one's periods.

Brown/Very Dark Red

Many of our cycles begin with very dark blood, which often has a brown or almost-black tone. Dark red blood is usually "older blood". This may have been stored in your uterus for a while and has taken a longer time to be shed. Many women shed blood that is dark red upon waking up.

Bright Red/Pink

Bright red menstrual blood signifies that the blood was recently shed and released from the body. This type of blood flow is usually light and one may be having frequent periods. It's also why a heavy period might be bright red — the blood is flowing out of your body very quickly, and does not have the time to darken.

Cranberry/Medium Red

This tone is also a perfectly healthy color to get in the middle of your period. Some folks especially those of us who have longer periods expel our uterine lining at an overall slower rate, and so our periods take on a consistently darker color, and never switch over to bright red.


This is the only color that should cause alarm if you see it in your panties. Gray clumps or discharge during or before your period may mean that you have an infection or that you may be having a miscarriage.


Bright red menstrual blood that mixes with fluids from the cervix can appear orange with red streaks. Bright orange blood may be associated with infection, so if you suspect this, it is best to consult a doctor.

Keep in mind, that in most cases, changes in period blood colors or texture are entirely irrelevant and don’t suggest any health problem. However, prolonged changes such as frequent heavy periods, odors, irregular periods, short periods, and/or severe pain during menstruation should be evaluated.

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