What Causes Greasy Hair And How To Easily Prevent It

Hair naturally has oils that the scalp makes to keep your hair and scalp healthy. These natural oils are called 'sebum.'

An abundance of greasy, oily hair is a common condition of the scalp. Whether you have had greasy hair your entire life, or you are going through a time where it is unusually greasy, it is definitely something that can affect self-esteem, and cause your scalp to feel very uncomfortable.

A lot of people tend to wash their hair almost every day, to prevent that greasy look which sometimes can happen just a day after we’ve washed it.

This is completely wrong, because greasy hair is a symptom of something deeper and washing it every day doesn’t address the root problem. It can even make things worse.

What causes the “grease” or “oil”?

1. Glands - Our skin contains glands called sebaceous glands, which are most abundant on our face and scalp. They naturally produce sebum, which is the oily substance you experience in your hair.

2. Natural Causes - Excess oily hair can be the result of age, hormones, and genetics. During adolescence, sebum production increases.

3. Certain Diseases – According to The New Zealand Dermatological Society (NZDS), Parkinson’s disease increases the amount of sebum.

4. Grooming Methods – Using an abundance of product in your hair such as conditioner, hairspray, and mousse over a long period of time without cleaning it properly can build up and cause extra oil.

Though we can’t change aspects such as our genetics, we can take measures to decrease the excess oil in a healthy way.

5. Use the right shampoo – Try to find a shampoo that doesn’t have conditioner or extra moisturizing ingredients in it. These properties will only bring excess, unwanted oil to your scalp.

6. Use less conditioner – If you must use conditioner, only add it to the ends of your hair to prevent excess oil.

7. Wash less – Washing your hair every day can cause your scalp to become overly dry, causing it to produce even more oil. Try to wash it about every 2-3 days.

8. Dry shampoo – Dry shampoo can be used in between washes when your hair starts to become overly greasy. You can purchase dry shampoos from stores or alternatively, use baby powder.

9. Natural Ingredients – Natural remedies can be used to reduce oily hair. One example includes the use of lemon juice from two lemons mixed with 2 cups of water.

10. Don’t touch your hair – Try to refrain from touching your hair or running your fingers through your roots. Your hands can transfer extra oil and dirt to your hair.

11. Don’t over-brush your hair – Brushing your hair too often can cause oil from your roots to distribute throughout your hair. When you brush your hair, try to avoid the roots as much as you can.

12. Stay well – Make sure you are getting enough rest at night and make sure to try to reduce stress.

Hair is a symbol of beauty, a symbol of hygiene and femininity. The first thing we notice when we look at the mirror is the way our hair looks. So you better take good care of it because the last thing we want to see is a greasy and messy hair.

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