Stop Wearing Fake Eyelashes, It's Very Dangerous For The Eyes

One of the most popular beauty trends out there has to be wearing fake eyelashes. Also known as 'falsies', they are a simple way to add drama and glamour to your whole makeup look that don’t involve trying out some new, complicated eye tutorial that you found on the internet.

But fake eyelashes may be doing more harm than good - and may in fact cause damage, researchers have waned.

Eyelash extensions are single synthetic fibers that look like eyelashes. They are glued one by one to natural eyelashes.

The glue used to fix them in place is commonly formaldehyde-based, may have rubber latex or some other type of biologically acceptable glue. Allergies can occur from contact with these products.

A study also found that wearing longer lashes increases airflow around the eye and leads to more dust hitting the surface instead.


Because of it's specific length, eyelashes reduce air flow to the eye, creating a layer of slow-moving air above the lens.

The majority of air essentially hit the eyelashes and rolled away from the eye, keeping the eye moist for longer and protecting it against particles.

Longer eyelashes increases airflow around the eye and leads to more dust hitting the surface.

This means the eyes are left unprotected and are more likely to dry out.

They monitored the water loss and looked at how many particles accumulated in the eye during a breeze.

When the lashes were the right length, a third the width of the model, they reduced evaporation and particle deposition by 50 per cent, as they trapped a protective layer of air on top of the eye.

They also stopped the eye from drying out and prevented dirt accumulating by creating a zone of still, or stagnant air just in front of the eye.

Longer lashes had the opposite effect, channelling airflow directly onto the eye surface, meaning it was hit by more particles and also tended to dry out more.

Below are the other negative effects of wearing too much fake eyelashes.

* Eyelash Loss

When you wear eyelash extensions for long periods, you may accidentally damage your natural eyelashes, warns the medical website Plastic Surgery Practice. In fact, a type of hair loss called traction alopecia may develop if there is too much follicle tension on your natural eyelash. Some women with weaker hair follicles may even suffer permanent hair loss.

* Sensitivity

Eye sensitivity may develop when a substance comes into contact with your eyes and causes irritation. If you suffer from sensitive skin, the glue that attaches the eyelash extensions may cause a rash or irritation of the skin. Allergic reactions of the eye can lead to redness and watering and may even cause the eyes to swell and close shut.

* Eye Injury or Infection

Whether an expert attaches your eyelashes or you choose to do it yourself, glue and tweezers come very close to your eyes. This can lead to eye irritation or worse, serious eye infections which can permanently damage your eye and lead to vision loss.

(Source: Consumerreports)
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