If Your Middle Toe Is Longer Than Your Big Toe, Better Read This To Be Amaze

We're all familiar with the idea of the gypsy women who peers at your palm and predicts what lies ahead. But Jane Sheehan is different: she reads not your hand, but your feet.

She said that though she can't tell your future, she'll be able to see your past and your present all because of your feet.

Besides palmistry, foot reading has been practiced since 5000 years ago. People believe the feet act as a mirror to the rest of the body.

So, Jane Sheehan, a reflexologist is certain that feet show everything about people, from their digestive system function and even the state of their relationships. By only looking at your feet you can see if you are a wild and adventurous person, or desire stability, order and harmony in life.


People whose big toe is much longer that other toes are smart and creative. They always have a clever solution to the problems. These people see things from different perspectives, but also they may have troubles focusing and don’t see projects through.

On the other side, if your big toe is small, it means that you can do many things at the same moment. You delegate effectively and are efficient. You use your charisma to influence others with your ideas.


People with long second toe are qualitative leaders. They are dynamic and creative, and can be bossy. However, people with smaller second toe are not a pushover, but it means they desire harmony.


If the third toe is relatively long, it means those people are energetic and ingenious, particularly at work. These people look for perfection and can achieve much with determination and energy. The negative thing is that their work can make them forget about love, family and fun.

Moreover, people with short third toe enjoy life. They like to relax and not get worked up.


People having long, straight fourth toe tells their family is important to them. If this toe is curled, it means you have an unhappy relationship with loved ones.

These people are excellent listeners and nurturers, but will be unhappy within the family. Also, it is hard for them to cut themselves off from other people’s problems.

You need to relax and don’t worry about other people’s problems.

People with short fourth toe focus elsewhere and family and relationships are not that important to them.


People with small little toes have childlike behavior. They don’t like responsibilities and can be easily bored. Thus, they look for fun distractions. Also, these people are fun, easy-going and witty.

People who can wiggle their little toe separately from their fourth toe, they are impulsive, adventurous and charming. People who can’t wiggle their little toe, like routine, predictability and loyalty.


If each of your toes is longer than the one before, creating a neat line, it means you are a methodical, precise and practical. You always complete what you start. Besides being

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