Four Ways To Know If You're Dating A Good Guy

Marriage is a hugely exciting prospect, but when you're in love with someone, sometimes your emotions can cloud your judgement.

Dating experts agree that there are plenty of subtle signals that can be just as big red flags—if you know what to look in a guy.

Before committing to the wrong guy, keep an eye out for these four signs on your first date and save yourself from major heartbreak down the road.

1. He is kind to young children and old women

A guy who is both tender with kids and respectful to the elderly is worth a second look. Similarly, a guy who is a gentleman to his mom and other women is a keeper. A man's behavior toward women says volumes about the type of person he is.

2. He is willing to get his hands dirty

A guy with a strong work ethic will teach your children the value of hard work. Don't settle for someone lazy or someone who won't pitch in to help maintain your home. A man who extends a helping hand to others is someone worthy of your love, too.

3. He isn't in love with himself

You know the guy who never saw a mirror he didn't like. It's fine to want to look nice, and no one wants to be with a slob — but pay attention to your man's ego and make sure he's not a slave to fashion. You don't want a selfish or narcissistic hubby.

4. He is honest

When you've snagged an honest man, you can be assured of several things. Your husband won't be unfaithful to you. He'll be true to his co-workers, boss, friends and family members. He'll be upfront in his financial dealings. When he makes mistakes, he won't hide them from you because he is a man of honor.

(Source: FamilyShare)
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